If you are wondering whether or not your business could benefit from a mobile app, there is some doubly good news!

First: Companies are reporting an average of 150% ROI.

Second: Most of your competitors have not caught on yet.

Here are some highlights from the VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report:

The benefits of those companies that have gone mobile are striking, even beyond the average 150% ROI. It found:

  • 51% of companies that have gone mobile report an improved ability to more rapidly bring new revenue streams online, compared to 16% for companies that haven’t gone mobile.
  • 47% of companies that have gone mobile report improved access to mission-critical apps, compared to 32% who haven’t gone mobile.
  • Early business mobility adopters report less time and effort to develop, test, and deliver applications and fewer security and compliance incidents.
  • 73% of companies that have gone mobile reduced IT operational staff time by an average of 29%
  • Companies that have executed business mobility strategies average 2x and 3x ROI compared to companies that haven’t

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