The world is beginning to recognize mobile applications as the powerful, emerging tool for business and companies eager to strengthen customer engagement and take it to a new level.

Fifteen years ago, the commitment for a business to build a webpage may have felt a little (or a lot) like today´s business commitment to dive into the new frontiers of mobile app development. But the transition for businesses into the realm of mobile customer engagement is going to be a fast one, much faster than the evolution of the website – the customers are ready and waiting!

As study after study reports, customers are now expecting greater, and more finely tuned interactions with the businesses they patronize using their mobile phones – and this is where mobile apps come in – giving businesses an opportunity to engage with customers in real time, and with highly targeted messages.

One area of mobile app development that we are excited to be engaging with here at AZ Mobile APPS is the world of live entertainment and festivals. As Ryan Costello, the CEO of Event Farm states, “Mobile is becoming an expected complementary experience to live events,”

Not only can mobile apps designed for festivals or events deliver live updates and the schedules of events in real time, but they are able to deliver an abundance of relevant information for the event-goers. 

Furthermore they are capable of doing hyper local targeting, in-app marketing, and other business relevant strategies designed to engage the target customer. And the possibilities continue to grow.

Yes, “The days of paper agendas and schedules are long gone, paving the way for their new replacements: Mobile apps dedicated to specific conferences, festivals, sporting events and concerts that contain real-time updates and a plethora of relevant information for event-goers.”

So, the question is, where will you meet your customers? Their world is opening up and increasingly mobile, but you need to step into it!


Advertisers cheer as live event apps take center stage

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