Recommended Features

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Push Notifications

Send exclusive messages to your users. Keep them in the loop on events, specials, and in-app deals. They'll never miss out again. Push notifications increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the returns you see from your app. For example, you can send a beautifully designed push notification message in seconds offering people 10% off their purchase within the next hour if things are slow during certain business hours. This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help attract loyal customers back into your establishment. Why bother with push? According to Urban Airship’s 2013 Good Push Index (which studied 2,400 apps and analyzed the ultimate effects of 500,000,000 push messages):
  1. Push increases app user retention rates by an average of 100%
  2. Use of push leads to an average of 26% more monthly opens
That is, if you use push notifications at all, then on average, you’ll keep twice as many users and they’ll be significantly more engaged. People hate spam. Will anyone opt-in to my push notifications? Not to worry. For those who do it right, opt-in rates are very high. Here were the best performers that Urban Airship studied (so you know where the ceilings are):
  • Best Media App: 96% opt-in rate
  • Best Retail App: 90%
  • Best Business App: 87%
  • Best Sports App: 75%
  • Best Gambling App: 60%
We know – you’re not expecting to do that well. That’s fine – average rates were in the 40-50% range. But if just half of your users opt-in to push, you’ll create a new, highly engaged, highly valuable user segment that can help you generate huge returns. So how do I “do push” right? Each type of app will need a different push strategy that is designed to provide users what they want at the times they want it. For some businesses, push may be a core part of your offering, especially if you deal in following current developments. For others, it will be a matter of finding the right offers, discounts, event notifications, new product messages, and other items to generate value for users. As always, our advice is to put the user first. Before you set a push notification to go out, ask yourself, “If I were a user, how would I react to this message?” The rest is experimentation.

Loyalty Program

Lighten wallets with our mobile Loyalty feature. No more digging around for that paper stamp-card—users just hand their phones over and you scan in a printed barcode (behind your register) to add a point to their card.
  • Reward your repeat customers
  • Customize stamp requirements
  • Tailor the layout to your needs
  • Prevent abuse with scan limitations (ie, one scan per day limit)
  • Drive sales with easy redemption
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Food Ordering

Take-out tastes better when you can order it on the go. With the native Food Ordering feature, customers place orders directly through the app. Restaurants see a direct return on investment, placing ordering power in the customers’ hands. With easy online management, your hostess doesn’t need to worry about mishearing another order (did they say “vegan” or “bacon”?).
  • Update menu items
  • Post pricing & availability
  • Accept payment in-app
  • Receive email & printed confirmations
The Food Ordering feature is a simple and effective way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app. With delivery & takeout options, payment through the app, and a customizable menu with add-ons and pricing options, you have full control.

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery feature is an easy and awesome way to display images inside your app. You can create a custom gallery right through the dashboard, or integrate with Flickr, Picasa, or Instagram to pull in existing galleries. You can switch between Custom, Flickr, Picasa, and Instagram without losing your changes for each one. If you decide to switch back to your Custom gallery after using Instagram, for instance, just click the bubble for Custom once more and then click Save Changes. Your uploaded galleries from before will reappear.    

Contact Us

This is the most essential feature on our platform. It displays general information like:
  • business location,
  • website URL,
  • phone
  • email
  • operating hours.
It has the optional ability to allow users to post a comment. With a few clicks, the user can have turn-by-turn directions using their built in GPS navigation.  


The Social feature allows users to sync up their Facebook and Twitter accounts within your apps. This pulls in their profile photo and name, which display along with their comments and posts throughout the app. It's also a great tool for seamless activity sharing and tracking. For instance, a user who redeems a coupon in the Loyalty feature can post that activity within the app, and later check out their in-app stats to see how many rewards they've unlocked. Users can quickly reference comments they've posted through the My Comments section of the feature as well.  

Other App Examples

Use the following app codes in the “Email Address” of the Preview App page.