Spas & Salons

The Spa and Salon industry is heavily driven by repeat business. While their services (haircuts, manicures/pedicures, massages, etc.) are important and frequently sought after, the industry itself is extremely over saturated with somewhat identical competitors.

So how do you differentiate? What makes your shop a step above the rest?

The answer is simple… innovate. By providing your clients with a mobile app you are not only going to show that you are ready for what’s next, but you will also give them exactly what they need- A technology that will make their lives easier.

With a mobile app dedicated to your business you will unlock the power of customer retention and repeat business.

“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.”  – Marketing Metrics

This quote alone should tell you exactly who you should be marketing to, and what better way to put this in action than by using mobile app that is specifically designed to target and create these repeat customers.

Mobile Reservations

•Provide users with easy appointment management
•Book more clients and increase repeat appointments
•Manage your appointments with a beautiful built-in calendar
•Implement an optional up-front commitment fee for the appointment
•Receive notifications via email when appointments are scheduled

Loyalty Cards

•Provide users with an incentive to return to your business
•Book more clients and increase user loyalty
•Implement a mobile version of a traditional stamp card
•Manage your users coupon activity
•Develop different levels of perks to better reward your most loyal users

Push Notifications

•Implement a notification system to stay in contact with users
•Manage your notifications across iOS, Android, Facebook, and Twitter
•Target specific users and locations with radial and geo-fencing technologies
•Provide users with easy updates and important information
•Book more clients and increase user interaction

Mobile Payments

•Implement a mobile payment system
•Manage your users transactions and payments
•Receive payments easily to your PayPal for business account
•Provide users with a simple and fast way to make payments
•Book more clients and increase sales

Providing a mobile app that not only makes customer lives easier but also allows you to interact with them, you will harness one of the best ways to generate new business and maintain current business.


Other App Examples

Use the following app codes in the “Email Address” of the Preview App page.

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